Thursday, April 30, 2009

Terminator Salvation to feature the awesome Ducati Hypermotard

terminator_salvation.jpg Now here’s a treat for those who find it oh-so-necessary to read the remainder of this article by the mere mention of the big names in the title. Yes! Good ol’ Arnie is going to have something pretty good in his new sequel, Terminator Salvation. To make things clearer, the Ducati Hypermotard will be used to shoot the preprocessed scenes of some rather ‘vroooming’ moment that are bound to leave you agape. So fasten your seatbelts and be ready to gear down memory lane as you remember the best bot of ‘em all coming your way on your favorite bike.

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Star Trek Edition for the folks in UK

nokia-5800-star-trek-edition.jpg If the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic didn’t justify itself as the phone of the moment to you then these Star Trek themed phones may give you a change of heart. This version will be solely in praise of the to-be-released space flick and will come loaded with screensavers, wallpapers and ringtones such as ”Phaser Shot”, “Kelvin Communicator”, “Red Alert”, etc. If there ever was a moment when you felt that your obsession for this wonderful phone, and you incapability to afford it before today was soon going to tag you as a bygone, then here’s a real gamble that’s sure to go your way.

iBUYPOWER launches small form factor PC – LAN Warrior

iBUYPOWER_LAN_Warrior.jpg iBUYPOWER is one of the largest gaming system manufacturers in the world and they have just released their small form factor system known as the LAN Warrior. The LAN Warrior offers more firepower to stand shoulder to shoulder with even the most advanced gaming systems and has room for two full-sized dual slot video cards, up to 24GB of Triple Channel DDR3 and a 1000 W power supply. It also comes with a carrying strap and harness system for taking the LAN Warrior on the road.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

NASA Telescope spots 'God's Hand' in deep space

The Hubble spotted the Firefox logo and what you see above is the divine hand as spotted by Chandra Observatory telescope.

The image, taken by NASA's space-based Chandra Observatory telescope, shows an X-ray nebula 150 light years across. NASA says the display is caused by a young and powerful pulsar, known by the rather prosaic name of PSR B1509-58.The finger-like structures are apparently caused by "energizing knots of material in a neighboring gas cloud," NASA says.

Sony 21 inch OLED display is just 1cm thick

At the Display 2009 expo in Japan Sony showcased the 21 inch OLED display which supports a resolution of 1,366×768. Showcased first time at the CES early this year Sony has kept mum on the technical details and availability of the super slim display. This would be the successor to the 11 inch Sony XEL-1 which was released last year.

The Nintendo DSi as a phone! Pinch me someone

Nintendo’s president, Satoru Iwata said something that’s got a lot of us on the edge of our seats. In a rather twisted, indirect manner, he made a comment of a DSI phone service that may be a reality in a matter of time. He said, “Nintendo would not release a console that could be used as a mobile phone unless it could do so without the need for a monthly subscription.” At the same time, he said that Nintendo isn’t making a phone. Now this means that the man is either confused or he doesn’t know how to hide trade secrets. Whatever be the reason, I am seriously going to pen this down in my gizmo diary as one of the biggest developments in the world of gaming this year. Yes! I am a Nintendo fan, so bloody what?

42 inch Oval shaped LCD TV looks more like a HTC phone

oval_lcd.jpg China based Ultmost Technology showcased a 42 inch Oval shaped LCD TV at the Hong Kong electronics fair. The Fuss LC-4212B is ideal for commercial installations, pricing and availability is not known yet.

Samsung Q2 PMP now available in Korea

Announced last month the Samsung Q2 PMP is now available in Korea. The Q2 has a 2.4 inch QVGA (320 × 240) display, FM tuner, tactile buttons, microphone for voice memos, battery with juice for 50 hours of audio and 4 hours of video playback and support for playback of leading media formats. The Q2 is available in three variants 4GB ($ 104), 8GB ($ 134) and 16GB ($ 179).